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Newlywed? Let's Update!

Congratulations to Newlyweds Pamela Delaine (formerly Pam Ryans) and her husband, Michael.

My author profile could use an update along with updating banking, emails, and personal information. Now is an excellent opportunity.

I have authored several books. Over the years, I've often thought of updating the information, including the covers. I wanted to share more insights, recipes, tips, and encouragement. But I wanted to write something other than a new book. Here's my chance.

Changing the author's name is totally optional, having both pros and cons. Still, it's a personal choice. Yet as a professional author, a change's impact on the audience and buyer could be costly. If you're early in your writing career, as I am, now is an excellent time to reintroduce previous titles.

I'll keep you posted as I navigate the change.

Visit my online book store here.

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