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It's a New Year!

Happy New Year! We're already one month in and off to a great start. It's been a bumpy past few years for all of us. Still, we are showing up, shining, and ready to win 2023!

Being newly married and the author of several books using my former last-name, Ryans, I thought I could simply republish the books using the last-name Delaine. NOT! I can not change the original author's name. Well, not without a hassle. Like a hassle-hassle.

However, I have options. Below are three options that I am exploring:

1. I can remove Ryans name from the cover and update the biography information on the author page. I've noticed several books without author names on the cover. I can

2. I can create an entirely new author page. Amazon allows authors to have three author pages that won't be associated with each other. I'm exploring my options while I update all of my books.

3. Or, I can create an entirely new, anonymous author profile. This will allow me to explore and write using various genres.

The possibilities are exciting. While updating the title information for each of the previous titles, I'll enjoy this author-life that I love so much. ENOUGH about me!

2023 is the year of possibilities. Did you set new goals or resolutions? We have 11 more months to go. Don't pressure yourself. If you need to reschedule a completion, please do so. Life be life-ing and we must give ourselves grace along the way.

Make this year the year that you begin or add to your writing career. Write and share with your family, friends, and followers. Your writing will add to the wonderful world of words we enjoy each and everyday.


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