March is Vision Ready

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

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Vision Ready Newsletter

In March's issue of Vision Ready, you'll find an array of topics that plague and probe our society. Topics ranging from bullying (Page 3) to how we can help save our environment by recycling with Upstate Recycling (Page 1) are being addressed.

The educational topic feature is by Ms. Zipporah Stevens, where she introduces "PLAY" as a learning tool. Additional nuggets include Dr. Anika Thrower offers a few life hacks for our college minded students (page 2). Meanwhile, we understand that not all children are having an ideal day at school with bullying on the rise. Kamaria Green shares her personal struggle in Moon Girl Talks. Visit her on YouTube by clicking this link Be sure to contact Dr. Wycondia West and ACT-Up. West Instructional Services is leading the way by helping high schools increase their test scores on the ACT. Visit "Shaping My Path" on FaceBook. This educational group assists students in transitioning from high school to career. Workshops are available. Visit the "1 Vision Empowerment" page on this site to purchase your copy of the book and get help going from vision to action.

Congratulations to Mr. Leon Bradshaw for sharing his passion. He is the 1 Vision Empowerment Author in our spotlight. Visit Amazon (search for Leon Bradshaw) and order his books.

Let's get involved by getting together. We've thankful for Kesha Sewell and Strive Outreach, sponsors of the March issue.

Who's the caregiver in your life? We'd like to know. The Daughter of Sarah is our caregiving organization. Submit the name of your caregiver. We would like to honor her/him by sharing support and adding them to our prayer list.

Ready to publish your good news? Pam Ryans is THE Publishing Liaison. She is the action between your writing and your finished book.

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