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Publishing doesn't have to be complicated.


We have the know-how you need.

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What We Do


There’s nothing we like more than assisting a writer create their book.

Our knowledgable staff is here to help you begin your writing career, add to your own collection, and publish your treasures.


We are here for your publishing needs.

While some customers enjoy creating new titles, others need help continuing their writing career.

Both turn to us to manage the care and journey of their books


Thanks to our talented authors, we can publish books to satisfy every literary taste.

While they come from different walks of life, our authors all have something in common - a passion for writing. 


We’ve been producing great works since 2010.

We specialize in helping intentional authors share their words with the public and publish their titles in paperback, hardcover, and/or ebook format.

Today, we've helped over 60 writers fulfill their dreams of becoming published authors.



Laura McClure

I am so appreciative of the exposure that my book got on the Books & Brews Authors Showcase and Tour. 


Because of the work my Publisher Pam Ryans did in producing the Books & Brews Tour, I was a featured author. My book, Becoming A Seasoned Woman, is selling. 


Thank you Pam Ryans, for all you do to promote your authors so we can become all that we can be. 


JaKeyla Carlton

I watched Ms. Pam Ryans not only take care of her family, but everyone that walked through her doors. I watched her build websites, help the pastor create a mixtape, write books, plan trips for students, and be a friend. Over the past years I’ve seen her manifest her prayers into reality.


If you ever thought about writing a book, starting a business, or even changing your diet, Ms. Ryans has the answers.


Thank you Ms. Ryans and keep grinding. 


Delphine Kirkland

My book signing beginnings. I will never forget Pam Ryans. Why? Because in 2019, she invited me to attend my first ever book signing without having a book. 


Pam was warm, polite and although my books were not available until a week later, she encouraged me to do a mockup of my book, (which she did for me), and to still attend the book signing. I was so nervous but she made me feel comfortable and told me to just tell people about my book, get their emails, and accept preorders. I took her advice and sold 20 preorders. I said to myself, “I’m going to love these book signing events.”

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