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A native of York, Alabama, Ms. Pamela (Pam) Ryans is no stranger to higher education or the struggles of a healthy lifestyle.  Outside of being a best-selling author, her writings empower her readers in the fields of education, self-help and making healthy choices. Pam’s books are available on her website at www.pamryans.com or on Amazon.  


As an HBCU grad, she assisted in spearheading the College's Student Support Services- TRIO program for 16+ years. Her degrees in business and psychology qualifies her as a sought-after speaker in academics, career, entrepreneurship, and caregiving. 


Because of the joy she finds in sharing family recipes, cooking and passing dishes down from generation to generation, she recently published a recipe book builder, Recipe Reminder. This book encourages families and friends to remember the good times of cooking together by sharing recipes. This gem has received rave reviews as people are able to draw closer to family in a fun but important way!

On any given day you can find this dynamic woman expressing herself through laughter, correction, spending time with family and of course food.

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